Vote Vinis

As mayor, Lucy Vinis has strived to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone in Eugene. As a lifelong advocate for children and a current member of the Eugene 4J School District Board of Directors, I am eager to see ways to help students succeed in the classroom and to help their families thrive in the community.

The mayor’s focus on climate change, homelessness and economic development are critical to the success of individuals in the community and the future of our city. Her personal commitment to inclusion and equity via her support of the Kindness Campaign and the city’s sanctuary status (Ordinances 20579 and 20622) demonstrates that she is a leader who walks the talk.

We need more leaders like Vinis, and this is why I am supporting her re-election campaign. Our children and families deserve a leader who will be an advocate for them.

I encourage everyone who wants to support our students to vote for Mayor Vinis on May 19.

Mary Walston


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