Talking Back To Fodor

Wait, now Eben Fodor thinks Eugene Weekly should not allow the public to speak its mind in a public forum (Letters, 1/16)?

Personal attacks aside, his reasoning is flawed.  If he wants to avoid “sprawling development,” he should support increased housing density instead of more single-family zoning.

The way to make housing more affordable is to have more housing density and, except for a very few neighborhoods, this doesn’t exist in Eugene. That results in the necessity of owning a car just to commute and run errands, because businesses end up in far-flung neighborhoods to make room for his “American Dream.”

There are cities across America and around the world where owning a car is not even necessary because housing density means that businesses and public transit cluster together where the residents are. Eugene is not one of those cities. HB 2011 is one way to change this.

Kelly Humphries