Kobe’s Worthless Legacy

We all by now have heard every angle from the media about the death of Kobe Bryant — or have we? Our ever-predictable media has sandwiched his life and legacy between the corporate sponsors again using the death of a superstar to peddle the latest shiny necessity, but I dare to ask one question.

What can we learn from this tragic death? Sure, Kobe scored 81 points in a game, had five rings and scored 60 in his last game. That is his legacy.

I propose, however, that in many ways it’s a worthless legacy. I propose that it is that legacy that perpetuated the event that took the life of him, his child and seven others.

Would Kobe trade that legacy to bring them all back? I think he would. Was his success as a player what led to his failure as a father? Was he a failure as a father?

These are hard questions.

I don’t mean to disrespect his legacy or the man in general. I only ask that we all re-evaluate what is priceless in this life, and what is icing on the cake. Titles, rings and baskets are worth nothing compared to the lives of these people.

We all live amidst the fog of reality. Maybe flying blind at 150 mph is not the best choice.  

Hug your children. That sneaker wave could in an instant overtake any of us. I think Kobe wouldn’t mind if we all learn a little from this tragedy.

Is there anything more important than our children?

David Dodson


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