The Green New Con

The Green New Deal (GND) is a Trojan horse the ruling elite have carefully crafted to green-wash a new era of corporate industrialism.

To attain this “green” fairy tale of eternal economic growth, they seek to strip mine many times more rare earth metals than are currently known to exist in land deposits.

One CEO of a deep sea mining company stated that to build the electric cars of the future they will need to strip mine three times more copper, cobalt and nickel than currently exist in land deposits. Millions of square miles of deep-sea beds around the world are being divided up right now. Some scientists state these proposed seabed strip-mining operations will be the largest mining project in the history of mankind.

In addition, the GND proponents seek to hugely expand forest incineration energy, nuclear energy, biofuels, mega wind, mega solar, industrial carbon capture technology and a “green” military state to enable and defend this eternal economic cancer.

The elites of this global cabal from both sides of the political spectrum hope the people will not peek into the innards of this Trojan horse before they attain control of civilization.

If the people do not realize they’re being duped and demand real mitigation measures such as powering down, slowing down the cancer called economic growth, stabilizing world populations, and demand civilization live within the bounds of the Earth’s failing life support systems, this “Green New Deal” industrialism will bring about our extinction. 

Shannon Wilson 


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