Veni, Vidi, Vinis

During her first term as mayor of Eugene, Lucy Vinis has exercised strong leadership in tackling the major challenges facing our community: homelessness, housing, climate change and economic development.

Besides energetically addressing these challenges, Vinis has demonstrated leadership on other important fronts. In response to the Trump administration’s virulently anti-immigrant policies, she affirmed Eugene’s commitment to its immigrant residents by urging passage of a sanctuary city ordinance.

She has consistently supported workers in their pursuit of fair and equitable treatment through the vehicle of collective bargaining. In promoting economic development projects, she has advocated the inclusion of agreements that will ensure our public investments deliver specific benefits to the entire community.

Vinis is also committed to supporting statewide legislation that will create clean energy jobs as an essential element of a just transition from fossil fuel to renewable forms of energy.

Vinis has also ably navigated the conflicts that accompany tough, contentious issues with equal measures of patience, passion and persistence. I strongly support her bid for a second term that will allow her to continue leading our community and creating a better future for all of Eugene.

Bob Bussel