Welcome To The Reich

There is and will be millions of words spilled about the “Dershowitz Defense” appropriated by Republicans to exonerate President Trump. Trumpism is now a dominant paradigm and above the law.

To me, this is no surprise. It is the latest and best example of a corrupt political party sniffing out a way to demolish the idea of “rule of law” with self-serving nonsense. One would hope a single Republican would act in abeyance for the wrenching of our democracy into a sneering madhouse, and cry “Enough!”

Hardly. They celebrate their opprobrium. We now face the juggernaut of dictatorship. We should direct our attention to Vladimir Putin, since he has been, and will continue to be, Trump’s source of inspiration and action. Putin murders his enemies. He demolished the nascent democracy initiated in Russia in 1989. So the two will talk. 

Will the MAGA hat-wearing, oath-keeping, belligerent tribes who know little of Putin and even less of democracy celebrate their accidental dominance? Well, delusion is their grandeur. 

Will the enabled Trump finally lock up Hillary Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? 

Will our republic allow it? 

What republic?

Tom Erwin