While many 20-somethings before me have been uncertain of their future, today’s moment is especially perilous. Climate scientists have sounded the alarm: We have 10 years to cut our emissions in half, or humanity will face dramatic repercussions like extreme heat, drought and floods. The future is scary, and the climate crisis affects many people already. We must act now before it is too late.

If we are to overcome the challenges we face, we must fundamentally transform our society. It will be no small feat, but young people know that our very futures depend on it.

This is why I am voting for Doyle Canning. Canning understands that moderate approaches to tackling the climate crisis — like toying with economic incentives and trading schemes to cut carbon — are not enough.

While establishment politicians are invested in upholding the status quo, Canning has the conviction and energy to fight for bold, transformative policies like the Green New Deal. She will protect Oregon’s forests and rivers and shake up the old boys-and-girls network that is leading us to climate disaster.

I want to live in a healthy, just society. Let’s elect politicians that will fight for a future we can all believe in.

Doyle Canning is Oregon’s candidate for change.

Siena Polk 

Sunrise Eugene