Checking Out

I just don’t get it. Our planet has way too many people on it. Too many people consuming too many things and creating too much trash while wrecking the climate and wildlife populations in the process. Too many people are having too many babies who are then also having too many babies.

The whole thing is getting worse and worse. Yet we denounce suicide (“Out of Focus,” 1/30). What the hell is wrong with suicide? If somebody, old or young, wants to check out, why not let them? Why not
help them (help us) once they have made the choice? Why is it a terrible human tragedy when the teen suicide rate goes up?

Seems to me it would be good to get them gone before they birth more humans. Why is it alarming that middle-aged and older adults want to die earlier? Seems to me that they have figured out what they want, what is
best for them. Who are we to try and stop them? We should be helping them by removing the stigma and even providing a safe way and place to do it.

Why not let prisoners die by euthanasia if they choose to do so? That sure would save the rest of us a hell of a lot of money. I chalk all the suicide hysteria up to prevalent fucked up Christian morality in this country.

What ever happened to freedom of religion or just plain old freedom to do with your life whatever you choose? Why is suicide not a basic human right?

Jim Flynn