No Leaders

On paper at least, I support the Green New Deal because I view it as a strong effort by a few visionary new congress-people to address serious environmental issues. Having said that, I agree with virtually every point made by Shannon Wilson (Letters 2/6).

I feel that we should be building solar panels and wind turbines but only because we will continue to need some electricity throughout the coming decline and downsizing of civilization. That decline and downsizing may be voluntary or involuntary — the choice is ours. But the point remains that there are only so many fossil fuels, metals and minerals in the Earths’ crust. As the fossil fuels dwindle, mining of the metals and minerals will become ever more untenable. So it is an irrefutable matter of physics that the economy and physically built environment cannot keep growing. 

Regretfully, instead of leaders (people who lead), we have delusional clowns and narcissistic sociopaths, so I expect that this inevitable transition will entail a lot of kicking and screaming as humankind gets humiliatingly slapped around by the cold and uncompromising hand of reality. 

Robert Bolman


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