Tampering with Tuition

The University of Oregon’s Tuition Fees and Advocacy Board (TFAB) has a new plan for undergraduate student tuition. The Guaranteed Tuition Program, if approved, would lock student tuition in for five years. However, no policy will be implemented to place a cap on the step-in rate, the amount tuition is increased for each following class of students.

The university plans to create a reserve fund in case of an economic crash in order to avoid budget cuts, which would also be factored into student tuition. After cutting $11.6 million in programs last academic year, TFAB hopes the Guaranteed Tuition Program could reduce the need for these cuts.

With only two meetings left, the board is far from a finalized plan. Regardless of whether the board approves the program, President Schill is still requesting a finalized proposal.

If approved, the program has the potential to divide each undergraduate year and price out future students in order to keep programs running. The remainder of TFAB meeting’s locations and times can be found on the TFAB website.

The meetings are open to the public and student presence is highly encouraged.

Annika Mayne