Organizing Hate

On the issue of the protest that happened against Eugene Wake Up at Elk Horn Brewery two weekends ago: While the local news is focused on dramatizing a protest because it happened inside of a business — the holiest of spaces in a capitalist culture — we are ignoring the very real concerns voiced behind this action.

Steve Sheehan, the owner of Elk Horn, has started the group Eugene Wake Up, and its Facebook page is providing a forum for people to rail against the poorest people in our city. One comment I read said we need to “stop feeding the bears.”

Another suggested we start a Proud Boys chapter here in Eugene, and other commenters chimed in, in support. For those who don’t know, the Proud Boys are a violent white-supremacist organization.

Why are we so interested in protecting a business that is allowing for the organizing of hate? Even though they say that isn’t their goal, that is what is actively happening on their Facebook page. Take a look for yourself.

Is this something we want to support in our city?

Coral Pope