Trump Delusions

Eugene Weekly reader Rick Tijerina cautioned us (Letters, 2/20) that “Trump hatred” can affect the way that we perceive reality or recognize the truth.

However, Tijerina forgot to inform us of the distortions we might encounter, or the actual truth of President Donald Trump’s nature. Since I count some Trump supporters as friends, perhaps I can help fill in the latter omission.

Here is my best guess as to Tijerina’s perspective:

Trump is the kindest, sincerest, most well educated, eloquent, honest and thoughtful man ever to occupy the office of the presidency.

He obeys the laws of this nation without question and performed public service as expected. Trump reveres the U.S. Constitution, has high regard for traditional U.S. allies and rejects authoritarianism in all its guises. He treats all citizens with respect, regardless of the color of their skin, gender, sexual orientation or religion (be it Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish, Christianity or none). He respects the sanctity of marriage.

Trump has never cheated a contractor, declares his tax dues accurately and pays them on time, and treats colleagues and employees fairly and honestly. It is inconceivable to Trump that he would publicly chastise a coworker, former associate or employee, or embarrass a people with a thoughtless public outburst.

When detected making public statements that are counter to the truth, Trump promptly and publicly acknowledges the error and corrects the record.

In short, by his personal behavior alone, Trump is setting standards for everyone to follow.

Jim Remington


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