East Of Eden

I believe homeless people in Eugene are treated like trash. I am much offended and embarrassed for those who spend time, money and energy putting in “petty gardens” in order to deter those who are forced by exclusion to camp in view of business and/or personal properties.

These gardens are beds of hostile and malicious codes. Their message is one of inhumanity. Clear and cold, yet so pretty, tidy and innocuous.

There is no heartfelt message such as that of seeing wet, drenched bedding hanging heavily from a “deserted” signpost on the sidewalk — from a home, warmth, comfort and shelter. Someone, once again, possessed the strength to walk away. Not to a new horizon, maybe only a place of peace — a place to dream or to forget.

Is there a place where things make more sense?

I ask you, Eugene, how and when can we come together as a community of united capable, competent, creative, compassionate beings: committed to and expressing our best efforts and their results. Are we up for it? Yet?

Sue Gallego