Photo by John Lund

Natural Athletes: Track & Field Champs of the Animal Kingdom

As we often glorify human athletes, we often forget that many animals could easily outshine us all in athletic ability and natural skills.  If you were ever curious on how a kangaroo would fare in the high jump or how far a monkey can throw a javelin, “run” over to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History’s newest exhibit “Natural Athletes: Track & Field Champs of the Animal Kingdom.” With a variety of interactive stations and fun, colorful displays, the exhibit pairs Eugene’s historic running culture with learning about animals, health and wellness. To celebrate the opening, the museum is hosting a grand opening weekend where families can come explore the new exhibit and make crafts. If you can’t make it to opening weekend, don’t worry; things will be on display all summer until Sunday Aug. 30. 

The grand opening weekend is 11 am through 5 pm, Saturday and Sunday March 7-8. Admission free for members and those with UO ID. For more information on Museum hours and admission prices, visit