The Split-Vote Argument

As a response to Tony Corcoran (“Republicans Suck,” 2/6) and (Colin Moran (Letters, 2/20): I say we should elect Peter DeFazio for one more term as 4th District Congressman, and the reasoning is simple. The Republican Party would like nothing more than for Democrats to divide their efforts and split the vote between DeFazio and Doyle Canning, and flip the 4th from Blue to Red.

And they don’t have a clown like Art Robinson; instead they are backing Alek Skarlatos, a young National Guardsman. And he’s a “hero” to boot: I believe it was three years ago that he and another guardsman foiled a plot conducted by terrorists in Paris.

DeFazio would take Lane County, for sure, and probably Linn County, but what about the other counties — Douglas, Coos, Curry, along with Benton and Josephine counties?

Canning is a “comer,” for sure. But I would feel safer if we backed DeFazio for one more term given that national polls have The Donald at somewhere between 47 and 49 percent of the total Amerikan electorate (I know it should be spelled “American,” but these days I’m not so sure). 

Michael E. Peterson