Train Song

Exciting times on the train: great views, new people to meet, plenty of time to ponder, read and write. (“Tales of the Rails,” 2/27).

Last year I took the train from Everett to Washington, D.C. for the RESULTS ( International Conference and back again. I had time to read the pertinent background on initiatives for ending poverty and hunger to be discussed at the conference, relax and enjoy the views of our great country and conversations with other travelers. It was first-class space in the seats, only two to a side; I had four bags (including food and books) and the three-part seat reclined comfortably for sleep.

My decision to take the train was influenced by the carbon footprint issue and curiosity. I am retired, so time, while less of an issue, gave me three days each to spend as I wished. The cost could be less, but there are specials, and my new Amtrak credit card let me take a friend, so we split the cost.

I would encourage others to try the train, short trips to start, or just jump on board and join me for this year’s RESULTS International Conference in June; we could use your help to turn around America’s inequities — not to mention finally getting time to read that book, write a letter and just staring out the window at America, the beautiful!

Willie Dickerson

Snohomish, Wash.