Electrictrify LTD

This year we started reusing shopping bags, and we’re seeing more electric cars — both environmentally friendly moves. 

Fossil fuel emissions have for a long time been a factor in all things environmentally unfriendly. My mother just bought an electric car just to help cut down on all of that but one of the biggest threats, I believe, are the vehicles that require the most gas. LTD buses are great to have but the amount of fuel exhaust is not doing the air or the O-Zone any favors. 

There’s a solution to this: electric buses. There’re cars that run on electricity and there’s a few select buses that run on electricity too. However, most of the buses are still running on fossil fuels, and those burn up into the air. If all buses were to run on electricity, it would be so much better for the air we breathe.

So please follow the example of reusable shopping bags and electric car users like my mom. A few electric buses are a good start, but it won’t do much unless all of them are. 

Michelle Crocker

Cottage Grove

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