Where’s The Data?

Timber Unity (TU) and their Republican pals in the Oregon Legislature deserve some credit for again bringing government to a standstill because of cap and trade, the argument being that it will harm the economy, small businesses and families.

Wondering where the evidence was for generating this reaction I visited the TU website. No evidence there, no data at all. There was one phrase, “It hurts our environment when fires ravage our forests.” Hmmm. A simple Google search — evidence of cap and trade economic harm — did reveal interesting data, however. According to Politifact, there are 10 states as well as the Western Climate Initiative that already have cap-and-trade programs. Not to mention the European Union and parts of Canada.

Politifact stated, “… an independent consulting firm looked at the economic impact of the group of Northeastern states engaged in a cap-and-trade program that has lowered emissions by 40 percent since 2005, and the results were positive. The 2011 analysis found that the program created $1.6 billion… added to the regional economy… 16,000 jobs, and residents collectively saved more than $1 billion on energy bills.” Hmmm.

A 2019 article in Politico analyzed the California cap and trade, which was legislated in 2013, initiated earlier by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Their findings indicated that California won’t meet its goals because its cap and trade is weakened with loopholes and lack of accountability. The fossil fuel industry lobbies aren’t helping either. Hmmm. It’s incredible what lack of understanding, knowledge and facts can do for a state government.

Tim Gardner


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