Appreciates Pete

Being represented by Peter DeFazio is one of the many reasons I love living in the 4th Congressional District. DeFazio is smart, honest and hardworking. Even when I disagree with some step he takes along the way, I can see that he is taking a path I respect and operating with values I share.

He has a gift for explaining his positions in terms we can understand and for setting priorities with a view to the long haul. This is especially clear in his new infrastructure package.

DeFazio’s proposal details a strategy to fight climate change while promoting economic policies that will lift the working class and move us toward a zero carbon pollution transportation system. His proposal accommodates the complex demands of the whole community, which needs sustainable solutions that improve environmental justice and protect natural resources, while creating good jobs that pay family wages.

The transition to transportation systems that are resilient, prudent and environmentally sustainable will not be easy. Each of us can expect some changes in our lives. But with DeFazio’s leadership we will find ways to succeed, sharing the costs and handing down the benefits for generations to come.

We need DeFazio in Washington, D.C., to continue his work for things we all need: good jobs, sustainable infrastructure and a green future. 

Mary Leighton