Morris Stands Out

When I look at City Council Ward 1 candidates, Tim Morris stands out. I have seen him in action for four years, and he works tirelessly, contributes fresh ideas and helps move conversations to a resolution that can be supported and implemented.

I am looking for a candidate who has problem-solving skills and solid principles for decision-making. Although we can’t know all issues that will emerge over the next four years, Tim’s good judgment and creativity in crafting solutions give me confidence in his ability to address whatever challenges present themselves.

He is passionate about real-life concerns, for instance, providing affordable and accessible housing for Eugene to address our environmental problems with compact communities that reduce transportation costs and greenhouse gas emission and reduce taxpayer burden in paying for more unnecessary infrastructure.

Morris serves on a rule-making advisory committee for HBs 2001 and 2003, so he is knowledgeable about the impacts they will make on our community. He proposes that we take more control of our community’s future by writing our own rules for zoning codes so Eugene remains unique.

Vote for Tim Morris in the May election.

Carleen Reilly


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