OK, Bloomberg

In the mid-morning hours of February 11, a homeless woman gave birth on a sidewalk in downtown Salem.  

In August 2019, in the early morning hours, a garbage truck crushed the skull of a homeless woman while she was asleep in an alleyway in downtown Eugene.

This is in stark contrast to the billions being spent on endless electioneering and trillions spent on forever and immoral wars. Consider Michael Bloomberg, who in his bid to win the Democratic presidential candidacy, garnered 31 delegates, spending roughly $18 million per delegate earned.    

America has become poorer in many ways. The governmental structure has not celebrated its citizens; it has not put their needs first. Consider something as functional as a pleasant and dependable rail system, which exists in most developed and developing countries.   

A government that celebrates its citizens does not deny them health insurance, meaningful education and, of course, decent housing.

M. Reza Behnam, Ph.D