Sneaky Kashinksy

Eliza Kashinsky is a master at irony, if not outright deception.

Eugene Weekly reports (3/5): “Kashinsky describes her own area of living, the Jefferson West Side neighborhood, and says it historically has allowed more housing types than other areas. ‘This creates neighborhoods like mine. And I like my neighborhood.’”

That Kashinsky “likes” her JWN neighborhood will surprise many of her neighbors who’ve witnessed her relentless attacks on JWN members and our past efforts.

Kashinsky repeatedly denigrates ground-breaking work by JWN residents and property owners that led to unanimous City Council approval of the Jefferson-Westside Special Area Zone in 2009. Ironically, when Kashinsky landed in Eugene years later, she bought her single-family detached home in that very same zone.

In 2018, Kashinky demonstrated more neighborly “love” by appealing, unsuccessfully, to the Land Use Board of Appeals to declare the S-JW [the Jefferson Westside Special Area] Zone in violation of state housing statutes. Recently Kashinsky appealed to LUBA again, with another attack on the S-JW Zone in mind. She’ll fail once more, because the S-JW Zone has satisfied every statutory requirement since its inception.

The S-JW Zone allows all housing types, including accessory dwellings, “middle housing” and apartments. JWN members crafted the S-JW Zone to promote affordable infill, while preventing “gentrification” and displacement of lower-income households.

Ward 1 voters aren’t fooled. Current City Councilor Emily Semple strongly supports JWN members’ efforts. All we’ve ever seen from Kashinsky are sneaky, behind-the-scenes attempts to impose her “I know best” opinions on JWN residents and property owner.

Paul Conte


Former Chair, Jefferson Westside Neighbors