Pledge To Stay Home

COVID-19 is like something out of a movie: No one saw it coming, so no one knows how to react to it.

That’s why we have organizations like the WHO and the CDC; they are some of the few who understand all aspects of this virus. It’s up to us to listen to them.

What the CDC in particular has been saying is that we need to stay home to protect not just you, but the entire population. Staying home goes against everything a college town, like Eugene, knows how to do, but that doesn’t make it impossible. It also isn’t complete isolation either, you can still do most of the things you love, just doing them differently.

If you want to “hang out with the boys” do it over FaceTime. Want to go for a hike, or walk the footbridge over by Autzen to throw a football? Do it, just stay 6 feet apart.

All the CDC and Gov. Kate Brown are asking is to take the pledge to stay home. This is what is going to save hundreds if not thousands of lives and end social distancing. The biggest thing you can do is take the pledge to stay home!

Stephanie Burke