Solidarity Share Fair

Solidarity Share Fair is continuing to serve homeless men and women as well as low-income folks on the final Tuesday of the month.

Still, the two-year-old arm of the Neighborhood Anarchist Collective (NAC) is doing what all of us are doing in the days since the novel coronavirus took siege in Lane County and Oregon: changing plans on the fly.

Solidarity Share Fair will set up on Tuesday, March 31, but not at its winter home at First United Methodist Church. Instead, it will fan out to four locations in Eugene and Springfield.

And Share Fair organizers need donations to serve their clients during these extraordinary times. They are asking for bags, sandwich bags, hand sanitizers, gloves, anti-viral masks, liquid vitamin D and vitamin C.

Additionally, organizers are asking for to-go cups with lids, individually wrapped plastic ware, granola and protein bars as well as other easy grab-and-go foods.

Solidarity Share Fair is 3 to 5 pm, Tuesday, March 31 at four locations: the hand-washing station near the Eugene downtown library, 100 W. 10th Avenue, Pearl Day Spa at 1375 Pearl Street, the hand-washing station near Red Barn Natural Grocery, 357 Van Buren Street, and Springfield bus station in downtown Springfield.