Spread Peace Around Coronavirus

In these apprehensive COVID-19 times, Beth Green is certain of one thing: “We have to figure out what we can do with what we have.” For Green, that means spreading the wealth of love online to those who are fearful of all things related to the coronavirus. The 75-year-old intuitive counselor hosts Spread Peace Around Coronavirus, a one-hour support group that aims, she says, “to alleviate needless suffering” and bring the community together to understand that “we are all one.” Green, who has organized support groups and written books about inner peace since she became a psychic counselor in 1980, says her support group is a spiritual exercise without religious borders. “I’m not interested in the semantics of it,” she says. Green hopes to have people “see things in a different way” because “It’s really my hope to help people for the rest of my life.”

Beth Green, along with her husband James Maynord, hosts Spread Peace Around Coronavirus, a one-hour support group, on Thursdays at noon. Additionally, Green hosts Granny Rocks 6:30 pm Mondays and Wednesdays. Both shows are FREE, but you must register at BethGreen.as.me.