Sacrifice Grandma, Die For The Economy

So, the Republican donor class wants to let our parents and grandparents die to help the economy because we shouldn’t want to let our children and grandchildren live in a world where there might be market uncertainty and billionaire investors might not get as much profit from stock buybacks as they deserve.

Funny, but aren’t these the same people who are completely ignoring climate change and global warming as if they have no children or grandchildren who will have to live in the world that their obscenely wealthy parents and grandparents are going to leave them with?

Why no outcry from the donor class about rising sea levels, drought, floods, world-wide water shortages, bigger hurricanes and typhoons and mass migration from the poorest countries in the world due to famines? Why no worries about the post apocalyptic landscape their grandchildren or great grandchildren will be forced to live in due to the unmitigated, immeasurable and all-consuming greed of the “let the old people die” crowd?

Like I said, it’s funny, but in a very, very sad way.

Jamie Selko


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