Support The LCC Bond

We write as a mother-daughter team urging our community to please vote “yes” for the Lane Community College Bond. We are a single mom and high school junior planning future study at LCC.

Young people in our community need investment in LCC to help secure their futures. As a high school junior, my daughter knows she is facing enormous costs for higher education. As a single mom, I can offer very little in the way of financial support for her higher education or training. LCC offers tremendous opportunity for an outstanding education that is realistic and affordable — but only if we invest in LCC.

This LCC bond is critical to making real positive changes at LCC such as: ensuring safety for students, staff and visitors, providing access to 21st-century technology and educational opportunities, updating facilities for in-demand CTE and preserving access and affordability to all students.

Voting “yes” on the LCC bond is now even more critical in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is causing students and families even more economic insecurity and putting higher education out of reach for many young people with promise for the future. Please join us in voting “yes” for the LCC Bond!  

 Ericka and Meg Thessen