Thank You 

Thank you so much for the fine newspaper you give us every week for free. I enjoy every bit of it, especially the articles, Slant, the letters to the editor, the columnists and the calendar of events.

I’ve lived in Eugene for 12 years now, exactly, enjoying your paper, and it’s about time I expressed my thanks in financial support. If I had paid you a dollar a week for this gem of a paper, after 12 years I would have paid you $624. So here it is now, enclosed.

I liked your large print message on page 2 of the April 2 edition, “We will continue to serve you,” and in smaller print below. “We want to ask for your help.”

Thanks for both parts, for your faithful constant service and for directly asking for help. I’m so happy to be able to contribute. I hope others do to, as they are able. 



Editor’s note: We were so touched by this contribution and note — and by all the contributions and notes! — that we decided to run it without our usual caveat that we run letters with full names. These are crazy times after all, and we need to treasure the sweet moments.