Why So Little Testing In Lane County?

COVID-19 and its impending onslaught of Oregon portends two serious matters.

First is Death With Dignity. If someone goes into a hospital with emerging “death panels” when diagnosed with COVID, can they request the cocktail to end their lives before going on a ventilator and receive the pharmaceuticals in the hospital?

Second, are funeral homes prepared for the surge of deaths? Or, like with the Spanish flu, will there be mass graves? As it is, traditional funerals are no longer taking place but instead done digitally/electronically.

One more thing: My disgust, disappointment and dismay with how Dr. Patrick Luedtke and Lane County Public Health are preparing us for the projected May surge of infections and deaths. There has been little COVID testing done. They blame the feds; so much finger-pointing and nonexistent civil disobedience and thinking outside of the box.

Health care providers here are being refused testing. The policy of LCPH is, if you don’t have a cough, you don’t get tested as a care provider. What about asymptomatic? This means no symptoms as in cough, sneezing, etc. Many get infected by those with no symptoms. Logically this indicates it is air-borne as in being breathed on by someone.

James Houston