Why Aren’t UO Coaches Sharing The Sacrifice?

The Weekly was absolutely on target in its Slant column on 4/9. Why is it necessary to have coaches who make more than the overpaid president of the University of Oregon? The Athletic Department brings in lots of revenue, over $120 million a year, but spends virtually all that money on itself while student tuition continues to rise.

What is the point of spending so much on athletics if none of the benefits contribute to the academic purpose of the university?

Oregon deserves a first-rate educational institution that can produce well rounded, analytic minds this state will need in the future and musicians and artists who can instill a love of beauty in our communities. Producing a few professional ball players every year is exciting, but that is not the reason Oregonians fund this university.

Can we use this virus-imposed pause to reassess the direction of higher education in Oregon? Can we increase state subsidies to reduce the reliance on corporate donors? Can we require a significant portion of athletic revenue to be devoted to academics? Can we reduce administrative bloat and strengthen faculty? Can we pay more rational salaries to administrators and coaches?

I hope we can.

Charles Dunaway