Even More Stimulation

Thanks for the inspirational title you put on Mike Berg’s letter, “Stimulating Compassion” (EW 4/23) — perfect timing for his and your inspiration! Like Berg, my wife and I are retired and have enough, so we plan to donate our checks as well. We gave parts to the food bank, experiencing a spike in need; to RESULTS (Results.org) for their work to end hunger and poverty; to some local folks unable to pay rent and buy food; to small businesses that are not receiving anything, but hope to reopen; and National Public Radio, for keeping up an accurate flow of information.

Even if you can’t afford to share your check, you can share your voice: Ask your members of Congress to call for a national moratorium on evictions, provide the rent relief needed (at least $100 billion), increase SNAP by 15 percent or more and increase funding for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria.

Our calls, emails, and virtual visits can help insure we beat this pandemic on a local, national and global scale, the only way to really win.

Willie Dickerson


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