Kashinsky Does Her Homework

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it may be difficult to focus on our local elections this spring. But this type of crisis makes clear what we need in our local leaders. In City Council Ward 1, one candidate stands out in the crowded field — Eliza Kashinsky.

Kashinsky has the energy and motivation to make a big difference in Eugene. She has the policy chops to drive action on key issues we care about like homelessness, housing and climate action. She knows how city government works, having cut her teeth on the Active Transportation Committee, the Budget Committee and now the Ad Hoc Work Group on Climate Recovery.

She also founded the WE CAN (Walkable Eugene Citizens Advisory Network) initiative to advocate for smart, future-oriented housing and transportation solutions for Eugene neighborhoods. Kashinsky has demonstrated her commitment and concern by showing up, doing her homework and embodying the kind of thoughtful, caring leadership we can count on.

The same cannot be said about the current Ward 1 City Councilor Emily Semple, who has not given us the representation we deserve. At council, she often appears ill-prepared and uninformed. Worse, she has been willing to use her limited political clout to push pet projects for narrow interests instead of championing real solutions for everyone. She has not shown the kind of courage and leadership we need in these times.

Don’t settle for the incumbent when there’s such a better option. Kashinsky should be your choice for Ward 1. 

Babe O’Sullivan


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