Keating For Council

I wish to endorse Matt Keating as city councilor for Ward 2. I have been seeing some comments expressing concerns about Keating having just moved into Ward 2 and therefore perhaps not understanding the more specific local issues. I’ve lived in Ward 2 for 10 years. I’ve known Keating for several years, much more in depth over the past four as we’ve worked on similar political goals.

Keating has always worked for the benefit of our community, no matter where he’s lived. He’s been on the LCC board for seven years and has been active in the Democratic Party of Lane County for a very long time. He’s been active on issues throughout our community and is forward-looking on issues of climate change planning, living wages, development density, affordable housing, land use laws and public transportation.

These are all issues of our entire community, and whether he’s lived in Ward 2 long enough or not is not an issue. When I asked him about a specific traffic problem in our area (29th Avenue near Willamette during rush hour), he understood the situation and had an informed response. This would indicate a specific understanding of issues in Ward 2 as well as the community as a whole.

I think that Keating has a strong commitment to our community at large and our ward in particular. I have no doubt as to who, in my mind, is the stronger candidate.

In solidarity,

Stephanie Turnbull


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