Trieger Works For Women’s Rights

In Lane County, Laurie Trieger is the pro-choice candidate for county commissioner we need — working on behalf of women’s rights since her late teens, escorting women across picket lines so they could access reproductive information and services safely. In Eugene, she has continued to champion women’s rights — fighting for paid sick time and family leave, volunteering with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon and working to combat attacks like Measure 106. She also earned the endorsement of NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon.

Lane County government is our local public health authority and, as such, the Board of County Commissioners should consist of staunch protectors of women’s rights to access essential healthcare services.

I work professionally to help women access abortion services and secure reproductive freedom, and I’m sad to report that Oregon is one of the last areas in the U.S. where women still maintain such strong reproductive rights. This struggle continues at all levels of local, regional and national government as access to this essential healthcare service is constantly whittled away, one ordinance after another.

Please join me in voting for Trieger for District 3. I know she will be the strong voice for women we need to join our board. She not only advocates for women’s rights, but for all human rights.

Eugenia Schauerman


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