Angels to the Rescue

Corrin Avchin’s article (“Good Deeds,” EW 4/9) contains a list of groups that are trying to help the community during the pandemic.

It’s great to see so many people come together to help others in crisis. We need to work together to support our fellow community members, now more than ever. I really appreciate that the time was taken to show the work of these groups.

One of the programs mentioned is Shopping Angels, created by Jadye Powell. They shop for and deliver groceries to people who can’t leave their homes. It is and will continue to be very useful for the current situation. There are many people who would benefit from this program. It’s important to keep our immunocompromised and at-risk community members safe. Shopping Angels is already international, but I hope it continues to grow.

I hope that more services and programs will be created to assist during the pandemic. It’s a difficult time for everyone and there are many citizens who could use our help right now. If we show kindness and support to each other we can ease the strain on those in need. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Tailen Evans


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