Davidson for Ward 2

Kate Davidson is a bold progressive who has shed blood, sweat and tears in Ward 2 for nearly 20 years helping improve Ward 2 and our community. Meanwhile a connected political consultant moves into the ward and gets a landslide of endorsements from the political establishment. Matt Keating didn’t get the establishment endorsements because he’s the best person for the job, he got the endorsements because he’s the most politically connected candidate.

It’s grotesque, and it’s happening all over the country. Now more than ever we need people in office that do not owe the establishment political favors and who will challenge and pressure the political establishment to actually serve the people. 

Unfortunately we have a generation of political consultants and politicians who have accepted the neoliberal vision of America which is killing the planet, enriching the few and leaving most people behind. We deserve better and that’s why I’m voting for Davidson!

Joshua Welch


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