DeFazio Is Revolutionary

Sen. Bernie Sanders paved the path forward for the awakening of a revolutionary movement within the Democratic Party. There’s little doubt in my mind that before 2016, Democratic socialists and the progressive left were not considered a force with enough strength to sway an election. In 2016, I was adamantly a Sanders supporter and, eventually in 2020, also supported Sanders for president.

But the 4th District Congressional race in Oregon is different. Revolution can be found in a candidate that’s appealing to the traditionally conservative masses, too. I consider Rep. Peter DeFazio a revolutionary candidate. He’s not a stagnant congressman and has progressed tremendously in his views and votes while in Congress. DeFazio’s positions on environmental preservation have been outspoken in Congress, from advocating for forest management in the 1990s to promote healthy burning, to being an original co-sponsor of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

From a district where the right-wing voices could easily overpower Eugene’s small liberal hub, DeFazio was brave enough to stand by his revolutionary ideals and support a concept that’s been vilified by Fox News. We can’t let puppets of President Donald Trump like Alek Skarlatos steal our progress this November. DeFazio is the revolutionary voice for the 4th Congressional District in Washington — and it’s the voice the 4th Congressional District needs.

Anca Matica


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