Web Letters – Election Edition III


We will vote “yes” for the Lane Community College bond measure this May. We have supported this community asset with our votes for the past 56 years. I have personally seen the success of the many students whose careers were established by their education in the first-class mathematics and science departments. The new bond issue will strengthen and expand these STEM programs. Please join us with your “yes” vote of support.

Fred and Deb Mohr



As a retired teacher, a mother and a grandmother, I am very excited to see Laurie Trieger running to be our next County Commissioner. Even a cursory glance at her website shows the breadth and scope of her many interests and achievements; in particular, her work to lift up women and to ensure a safer healthier future for our children.

Examples include her work on several boards and commissions, including the Lane County Equity & Access Advisory Board, Oregon Health Authority’s Health Improvement Plan Work Group and the 4J School District Equity Committee, as well as five years as executive director of the public health organization he Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth.

She has worked tirelessly for more than two decades in the service of our community. When we emerge from this pandemic, we will need trusted leaders with a fresh approach, broad work experience and proven results. This is why Trieger will get my vote.

Anne Hohenemser



On March 3, I attended the Southeast Neighbors Candidate Forum. There the two candidates for City Council Ward 2, Kate Davidson and Matt Keating, made presentations about their respective candidacies. I was much impressed by Davidson’s command of facts and statistics, her knowledge of the ward and her ability to answer questions in an informed and direct manner. I came away from that meeting with a strong feeling that Davidson was the better candidate.

I am bothered by the fact that all the big players have endorsed Keating, who only recently moved into Ward 2. (See EW, “Looking for Just the Right Ward,” 10/17/2019.) It seems that Keating is more interested in climbing the political ladder than in dedicating himself wholly to Ward 2 issues. Davidson, on the other hand, has lived in Ward 2 for 18 years and has raised her children here.

She has chaired important civic committees, including the Human Services Commission Budget and Planning Committee and the City of Eugene Community Development Block Grant Committee. Most importantly, she served as Chair of the Southeast Neighborhood Association, contributing to her in depth knowledge of Ward 2 issues. Davidson is one of our own and we deserve to be represented by someone with a longstanding and sincere commitment to Ward 2.

Ron Shaheen



As a long time, but now former, resident of Ward 2, I was thrilled when my friend Kate Davidson decided to run for City Council. You see, she’s a longtime homeowner (18 years) and knows Ward 2 very well. Her two kids attended south area schools and I’m confident she’ll represent Ward 2 families and residents with heart, compassion and intelligence.

I was happy to donate $500 to Davidson’s campaign. Her participation on the council will serve our city well, and will create more gender balanced leadership for our community. I believe Ward 2 deserves a woman at the helm, and truly values that equity.

Join me in supporting Davidson and, if you live in Ward 2, vote for her. She will earn your trust through her hard work, deep knowledge and experience and as your neighbor and your friend.

Morley Hegstrom



I’m confident Kate Davidson will represent Ward 2 on the Eugene City Council with distinction.

Davidson is a proactive leader. As a block captain for preparedness issues, she recognizes that the time to plan for a crisis is before it hits. She was a strong activist in Ward 2 long before her opponent moved into the ward, just months ago, in order to run for the Council seat. Davidson’s invested in this community and has played an active role in it throughout her 18 years in the ward.

These past weeks showed us the importance of being proactive as we suffer through the Covid-19 crisis. Oregon’s third lowest rate in the lower 48 states is a testament to comprehensive action by our state government. Organizing on the local level is just as vital during a crisis.

A massive earthquake could someday wreak havoc in western Oregon. The effects would be devastating. Issues such as food and water distribution and temporary housing would mean life or death for many. We’d need someone who could efficiently and thoroughly organize the needed response. Davidson has those abilities. She knows our community and its infrastructures well. 

Odds are we won’t see this calamity in the near future but we didn’t foresee COVID-19 either. It’s good to know that when our backs are to the wall, Davidson will be there to help us through.

A vote for Davidson helps protect our community.

Jeanne Ransome




I am a lifelong Oregonian, and I’ve lived in Eugene for 24 years. I’d like to ask you to consider voting for Thomas Hiura for mayor of our great city. Raised and educated here in north Eugene, Hiura’s awards include the Gates Millennium Scholarship, 2011 Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce Future First Citizen and the KVAL News “Everyday Hero” (viewable on YouTube). 

Hiura is running for mayor because he genuinely cares about us as a community. He doesn’t blindly adhere to one divisive set of ideologies, rather he engages people in discussion and acts according to what he believes is best for all. In the Voters’ Pamphlet he states, “When faced with growing problems, Oregonians don’t think, ‘What’s my Democratic solution?’ or ‘What’s my Republican solution?’ We just do what’s right.” 

Whether you were planning to vote for the status quo or whether you’re looking for a candidate who is more outside-the-box, please visit Hiura’s campaign website. I especially encourage you to watch his interviews with other prominent members of our community, and you’ll see why he’s uniquely qualified to be our mayor. Thank you.

Elle Sabala