Eyster For Mayor

I have a unique perspective on Mike Eyster. I know Mike. I was his administrative assistant at the University of Oregon for 18 years. In all that time I found him to be an honest leader who sticks to his word, leads by example and follows through. As director of university housing he fostered an inclusive environment where diverse individuals had a voice and felt like they belonged as students and staff alike.

In all of his high profile positions at the university, he was a leader with vision, integrity, accountability and empathy. He listens and he really hears you and he leaves nothing unresolved. He will conduct himself the same way as our mayor.

Eyster knows how to bring the best people together to work toward a common goal. This is exactly what Springfield needs right now. I know how fortunate we are to have such a qualified candidate run for mayor. I watched him over the years volunteering his time on committees and boards because he is devoted to Springfield. I hope you will join me and mark your ballot for Eyster for mayor of Springfield!

Janice Langis