Moore For County Commissioner

These are unusual times to say the least. While we are still quarantined at home, many of us may have extra time on our hands. What better way to spend that time than by learning about the candidates for our 2020 local government elections? I’ll give you a head start by endorsing Matt Moore for Lane County Commissioner, District 3, South Eugene.

Our community has been stagnant on policy when it comes to homelessness and economic development. Though it’s no simple fix, it’s clear to me that the strategies our county has employed to lower the unhoused rate and increase jobs have not worked. Moore has offered a number of fresh ideas to a number of these complicated issues in our area. I’m confident that he is the best choice on the ballot.

At any rate, please make an effort to research and learn about all of our candidates for office. It’s worth your time and it’s worth the community’s time.

Alex Lonnquist