Election Letters Round 4


The suggestion by a letter-writer in a recent edition of EW (Letters, 5/7) that Rep. Peter DeFazio has been “mailing it in” for years shows a real lack of facts.

What DeFazio has done for our 4th District is to represent the diverse and often conflicting partisan views of its citizens. In many parts of the district jobs are more important than homelessness, for example. DeFazio has consistently voted for infrastructure projects for Oregon, transportation improvements, environmental concerns and social justice issues. As a minority representative for most of his tenure many of those issues were not passed by the Republican majority.

DeFazio almost single handedly got a Veterans’ Hospital in Eugene and brought out the corruption issues in the Veterans Administration. He’s fought for workers, veterans and tried to pass legislation to tax the wealthiest citizens more to reduce our deficit. He has also voted against Labor Agreements like NAFTA that shipped jobs out of our country. He voted against the Iraq War in 2002 and all later hostilities in Iraq. He has come home to the district almost every weekend and held hundreds of Town Hall meetings throughout the 4th District.

If that’s “mailing it in,” I hope he continues to do that. 

Hal Huestis



As someone who moved here when she was very young and who has lived here ever since, I have seen the community change for the better, and for the worst, throughout the years.

Growing up, I always liked politics and always tried to stay involved and informed on local politics. I want to see actions over words and have met a lot of local politicians that seem to prefer words over actions.

However, when I first met and spoke with Matt Moore, not only was I impressed in how well he articulated his thoughts and ideas but also how motivated and passionate he was about public service. I know he is just like me, preferring actions over words and I know that given the chance he would implement the changes we both want to see in this community.

He is an exciting young and progressive leader who wants to make real change here in Eugene. He is committed to tackling issues such as climate change, housing, economic growth, and education. His willingness to be open to new ideas will grow Eugene and fix many of the long-lasting issues that have hurt this community since I moved here. 

We need Moore for county commissioner. 

Claire McMillan



I am writing this letter in support of Matt Moore for county commissioner in District 3. During a time that we need new ideas to fix old problems, Moore wants to create real change and real progress for the community and the people that helped raise him right here in Eugene. 

He has a vision for what he believes this community can become. In a time where many people are struggling to pay their rent and mortgages, he wants to ensure that everyone in Eugene has affordable housing. In a time where small businesses are closing for good, he believes that a vibrant community invests in them, not closes them. He believes in creating a welcoming community for everyone, not just people who look like him.

When I first met Moore, I was taken back by his extreme passion for his community and public service. From that moment, I knew that given the chance, he would complete the job at a high level. He knows that the work he wants to do does not happen overnight but he knows with enough work his vision can become complete.

For that reason, I am proud to say that I am a supporter of Moore and will be voting for him in the upcoming election. I hope that this letter encourages others to take the time to visit his website, read on his proposals and consider voting for him just like I did. 

Travis Wood



We need Matt Moore in the county commissioner’s office.

He is a leader. He is an innovator. He is willing to listen and implement new ideas in the city of Eugene. As county commissioner, he is going to fight the impending dangers of climate change and make sure that Eugene leads the fight in Oregon in increasing sustainability. He is serious in community investment and making sure communities here have thriving small businesses and affordable housing for all.

During a time where national politics seems to be drawing our attention every day, it is also important not to forget about what happens locally. As someone who was raised in this community, he truly wants what is best for the people who also call Eugene home. That is why I encourage all who can to talk to Matt in person about his platform, visit his website, and vote for him in the upcoming election just like I will.

Nate Beckett



I am writing to encourage votes for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for secretary of state. There is no other candidate with her unique set of qualifications that will serve all Oregonians and be a unifying voice in a time of divisive Oregon politics. She is the only candidate for Secretary of State not accepting corporate donations and is an unabashed proponent for campaign finance reform.

McLeod-Skinner will expand election security and voter access. She has already been engaged with vulnerable and marginalized communities across Oregon in voter registration and the election process.

Audits are a key responsibility of Oregon’s secretary of state, and McLeod-Skinner has experience in the oversight of audits as a program manager, city manager and elected city councilor. McLeod-Skinner’s approach is that audits provide a road map for good government, ensure transparency for how our tax dollars are spent, and reduce outsourcing to the politically powerful.

The secretary of state is one of three members on the State Land Board that makes decisions for state lands and waterways. McLeod-Skinner would be the only member of the State Land Board with natural resource management experience and will ensure sustainable stewardship of Oregon’s treasured state lands and waterways.

Before COVID-19 McLeod-Skinner had traveled over 60,000 miles to all 36 Oregon counties. She reaches out to all voters and listens to issues affecting each community regardless of political party. McLeod-Skinner will be a Secretary of State that serves ALL Oregonians with honesty, transparency, and hard work.

Lisa Levsen



Laurie Trieger is trying to take advantage of the current pandemic. While her work on fighting to get part-time workers paid sick leave was commendable, trying to act as though she deserves sole credit for fighting for a health care policy during a global pandemic is not

Getting things done in politics requires a group effort, and fighting for the paid sick leave policy six years ago was no different. But Trieger has no problem claiming credit for the policy passed as though she fought for it on her own, omitting the efforts of her colleagues, and doing so during the world’s greatest public health crisis in our lifetimes to act as though she is a health care policy expert. Trieger claims to look at her campaign through a “public health equity lens,” but taking advantage of our community’s current anxiety for political gain certainly does not seem equitable to our public health workers or to those that she worked with on the paid sick leave policy who deserve just as much public credit.

I urge the voters of District 3 to vote for one of the other three qualified candidates, Sandra Bishop, Matt Moore and Joel Iboa.

CJ Paxton



On March 3, I attended the Southeast Neighbors Candidate Forum. There the two candidates for City Council Ward 2, Kate Davidson and Matt Keating, made presentations about their respective candidacy. I was much impressed by Davidson’s command of facts and statistics, her knowledge of the ward, and her ability to answer questions in an informed and direct manner. I came away from that meeting with a strong feeling that Davidson was the better candidate.

I am bothered by the fact that all the “big players” have endorsed Keating, who only recently moved into Ward 2 (“Looking for Just the Right Ward,” EW 10/17/2019). It seems that Keating is more interested in climbing the political ladder than in dedicating himself wholly to Ward 2 issues. Davidson, on the other hand, has lived in Ward 2 for 18 years and has raised her children here. She has chaired important civic committees, including the Human Services Commission Budget and Planning Committee and the City of Eugene Community Development Block Grant Committee. Most importantly, she served as Chair of the Southeast Neighborhood Association, contributing to her in depth knowledge of Ward 2 issues. Davidson is one of our own and we deserve to be represented by someone with a longstanding and sincere commitment to Ward 2.

Ron Shaheen



I’m confident Kate Davidson will represent Ward 2 with distinction when elected to the Eugene City Council.

Davidson is a proactive leader. As a block captain for preparedness issues, she recognizes that the time to plan for a crisis is before it hits. During her 18 years in Ward 2, she’s played an active role in the ward, including her service as Chair of the Southeast Neighborhood Association. She’s consistently shown her commitment to the wellbeing of our community.

These past weeks showed us the importance of being proactive as we suffer through the Covid-19 crisis. Oregon’s lower rate of Covid-19 is a testament to its comprehensive action by the state government. Organizing on the local level is just as vital during any crisis we face.

If we were to experience a massive earthquake in western Oregon, it would wreak havoc and have devastating effects. Issues such as food and water distribution and temporary housing would mean life or death for many. We would need someone who could efficiently and thoroughly assist in the needed local response. Davidson has those abilities. Her knowledge of city infrastructures and services would serve us well. 

Odds are we won’t see this calamity in the near future but we didn’t foresee COVID-19, either. It’s good to know that when our backs are to the wall, Davidson will be there to help us through.

A vote for Davidson helps protect our community.

Jeanne Ransome


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