We’re Failing The Test(ing)

I’m a trucker. Have been for a few months short of 40 years. I haven’t seen it all, trust me. Something new will surprise me almost every day.

Since the shutdown in Oregon, Washington and California began some two months ago I’ve traveled close to 25,000 miles on I-5 from the other side of L.A. to the Seattle area. Sounds a lot but many of my colleagues have done more.

I’ve never been tested. Not once. I’ve never been offered a test. Not once. I’ve never seen a testing place for truckers. Not once. I’ve traveled to and from the most heavily infected areas in the west. I expect many of my friends have had it and never known. I don’t think I have, but then again, how would I know? I’ve never been tested.

I’m supposed to be on the front line in this battle, but I don’t have any clue what’s going on mainly because no one in this entire country with any sense is in charge. 

In 1943 this country produced three Liberty ships a day on this coast. Think of it. Three big ships a day! If we are at war, as everyone in authority is keen on telling us, then please will you use that authority to build the quick testing machines. 

I don’t care if you take over empty warehouses. I don’t care if you contract out to every small machine shop in the state, but it seems to me if you intend to contact trace our good citizens, then a good place to start would be by finding out how big the problem is in the first place. Otherwise, well, welcome to “Whack a Victim. It’s fun but deadly.”

I’m thinking around 1.5 million tests a week should determine where the virus is in this state alone. Should be easy for me. Turns out there are only a little over 50 million people living on the West Coast. I have no idea how many I see on a daily basis.

Good luck to us all. 

Peter Tildesley