Driving To Exhaustion

Am I really the only person in the world that thinks drive-up lines at banks and fast food outlets are — have always been — a terrible idea? They are among the many costs of the all-powerful god Convenience. The few times that I must use a drive-up, I’m amazed that people sit passively with their motors running while waiting to move forward. No, the gas it wastes for a minute or five isn’t much, but over time, it adds up. And all the exhaust fumes from all those cars in all those drive-up lanes in all those cities must also add up to a whole lot of pollution, don’t you think?

When I suggest to these businesses that they post a sign in drive-up lanes asking drivers to turn off their engines when not moving forward, I’m met with blank stares. Yes, I know I’m weird. And I know drive-up lines are gonna be the norm a long time, but think what a difference it would make if people didn’t spend all that time idling. Will anyone join me in this do-gooder campaign, or is it beyond naive?

Graham Hoyt Lewis


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