Our Police Must Change

I have heard the mantra over and over about the looting, yet the same people are silent as the real thugs have raped and pillaged countries around the world, using lies about drugs, weapons of mass destruction, paid provocateurs at protests and fake chemical attacks. We have stood by and watched our country destroy poor countries around the world, for their oil, or the ability to put more than 900 bases surrounding Russia. We have been witness to the bombing of weddings, funerals and schools by our leaders. We have gone along waving the flag at schools and sporting events.

 All the time we have been visiting this wholesale slaughter in poor countries around the world, we have allowed these same leaders to continue to arm the police as if they were military. We have given jobs to soldiers trained to shoot to kill, not community policing. We have looked the other way at the history of policing in this country which came out of slavery. We have pretended the Ds are different from the Rs while they pass their racist crime bill. Mostly the people that call themselves leaders in this country have not only been helping the super rich loot the country, they have looked the other way at institutional racism and violent policing.

The police have refused to change, and the so-called good cops have remained silent. The fraternal order of police is beyond racist and should be shut down.

 It is time for all of us old white people to stand up and lock arms around the state capitol and refuse to move until they make the changes that protect our minority brothers and sisters.

Susan Macomson 


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