Wealth Inequality Leads To Violence

The killing of George Floyd looks, on the surface, like a gaping wound on the belly of our culture. I, however, propose it is not.

 The average wealth of a white person in America is $171,000. The average wealth of a black person is $17,000. What this reveals is the killing is but a symptom of a larger inequality.

 It is well known that people of color are over incarcerated. I propose that this is not simply because of police policies or tactics, but a simple probability of policing our culture. So long as our culture is one that suppresses the poor in search of wealth these problems will persist.

 Also, if there are 900,000 police officers in our country, what is the probability that there will always be a handful of bad cops? 

 Are the people ready to ask the tough questions?

Is it possible that, yes, reforms are in order, but on the whole law enforcement are doing a good job?

What have I done in my life to promote equality?

If the divisions are reflected in our culture does this mean the divisions lie inside myself first?

If color was erased how could our culture erase the wealth gap?

Killings will persist so long as our culture of disproportionate wealth persists.

Chi Ken


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