A Suggestion For White People

To: White people.

I’m a Black woman. Seems that lately many of you have tumbled to the strife and danger that Black people face every day. We can’t even watch birds, jog or sit in our own homes eating ice cream in peace. Some of you are wondering what to do.

I have a suggestion. Give money to the defense fund of an African American that’s being railroaded by the “justice” system. It’s happening every day, and there’s no shortage of options. If you can’t find one locally, reach out to one of the national higher profile cases. 

Your “Choose Kindness” sign does nothing for me. Most of you “Choose Kindness” residents have some extra cash judging by the size of your homes. It’s a fact that white families in the U.S. have roughly twice the median income as Black families, and there’s an entire history of terrorism, oppression and systemic racism by whites against my people that’s made sure of that. 

Maybe you think my suggestion is crass, but that’s the difference between you and me. People with money don’t talk about it much. People without it talk and think about it a lot because we’re always wondering where our next dime is coming from. So, if you’re authentically concerned and distressed about the suppression of Black people in this country, don’t wring your hands wondering what to do. Do what Little Richard advised, “Honey honey honey honey honey — Get up off of that money!”

Ramona Wise