Bring Back The KLCC Volunteers

It’s not easy keeping a nonprofit organization going in this “time of uncertainty.”

I know.

So, during this KLCC fundraising-month drive, I’m trying to understand why they aren’t sticking with what’s made the station a vital part of the community for all these years?

From my perspective, it’s the volunteers we all know who live here, we bump into at Holiday Market and see on the path at Country Fair and depend on to bring our collective voices together and heal from the day’s events. They report on the house parties and folk happenings and remind us to go out and look up at the moon and share moments from the Sisters Folk Festival, Tsunami’s show last night or what is coming up at the Hult Center, Maude Kerns or Alton Baker Park.

It’s Pete, Nancy, Cina, Carl, Naamon, Armando, Kobi, Chris, Dan and others who keep it real for us because they keep the station in context with the community that supports it with dollars and donations and so much more.

It’s not about “social distancing” because the news crew is there and staff and engineers, but the volunteers who bring texture and honesty and keep us tuning in have been put on a shelf, and it’s getting a lot of folks disturbed because we can’t even call the station and get anyone to answer the phone, much less return our calls.

Ditch the canned programming and bring back our friends.

Now, before we tune into another station.

Jim Evangelista


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