Keep Your Riot At Home

Poor John Zerzan (Letters, 6-4). There was no riot Sunday. No battle with police, not even any destruction of property. He is so disappointed!

Anarchists and Nazis alike have been fighting to co-opt the Black Lives Matter movement. They fight to turn peaceful demonstrations into violent actions in order to promote their own “white” agendas. They destroy property and provoke police, then run away leaving others to face the consequences of their actions. Cowardice is not activism. There are bad people on both sides. And most of them don’t give a damn about BLM.

If Zerzan really wants a riot, I suggest he have his own. He could invite Nazis and anarchists over to his place. They could fight, smash and hate up a storm. Then they could burn his house down. After all, to paraphrase Mr. Z:

If life is sacred, property must be destroyed.

Lisa Bieber


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