Blood On Your Hands

Rarely are we subjected to so much nonsense and unintended irony as was crammed into last week’s Eugene Weekly article “Bless the Hands that Teach You” (6-25). Raza-Cooper’s over-the-top veneration of Gracie Schatz and her Heart of the Willamette cooking school would be hilarious if it weren’t so damn sad.

How inspiring that Schatz’ “passion for animal butchering” has led her to create a flesh-carving class with a “feminist orientation.” I’m sure the lamb was happy to lay down its life once it learned it was supporting “a more democratic experiential environment.”

How twisted to describe the dissection of a once sentient life as being done with “awe, curiosity and reverence” and with the invitation to “connect with the beauty of the animal.” What bullshit. That animal was beautiful. So pathetically ironic when Schatz instructs her class to “adapt to what the animal is telling you” as the class slices into the carcass of what was once a lamb.

Dan Dizney


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