Developers Get All The Breaks In Eugene

I would like to take a moment in these trying times to thank the 2019 Eugene City Councilors whose 6-2 vote enacted a burdensome regressive payroll tax upon employees that work within the city of Eugene. Yes, a sneaky unethical backdoor scheme to impose another tax upon those that are least likely to afford it. At the same time, developers continue to use the Multi-Unit Property Tax Exemption (MUPTE) property taxes waiver to skate by without contributing their fair share into the coffers of the city, another giveaway from the Eugene City Council.

The city provides up to a 10-year property tax waiver on development and construction on so-called acceptable development plans.

Which, due to lack of incoming revenue, the city turns to its taxpayers to fill in that lost revenue, one being the Community Safety Payroll Tax which is to begin July 1.

I recommend that this tax be revisited, repealed and/or suspended until a better understanding of the current structure of local government as a whole becomes clearer.

Terry Steiner